Kryptofolio+tax - the bitcoin profit, loss & tax calculation app
Kryptofolio+tax - the bitcoin profit, loss & tax calculation app 

Market dashboard

On the dashboard for a particular coin you have various bits of information:-


Net position
This is the total amount of this coin that you own.


Mark to market GBP
When you mark to market you evaluate the current market value of the net amount of coin(s) that you own.

Unrealised PnL
If you were to sell all your coin(s) now, (closing your position) this is the PnL (Profit and Loss) you would make on your current holding of coin(s). This is calculated based on all the aquisition prices and quantities.


PnL to date
This is a running total of the PnL (Profit and Loss) you have made on all the transactions you have made so far. Hopefully this is a positive number indicating profit.


The price the market is willing to pay per coin.


The price the market is asking if you wish to purchase a coin.                              


On this screen there are various actions you can perform for all the different types of transaction, shown below.

Kryptofolio+tax transaction types


1) Trade
If you have purchased or sold coin(s) with a standard fiat currency, either privately or on an

exchange. More detailed information here.


2) Purchase
If you have purchased a good or service using coin(s). More detailed information here.


3) Sell
If you have sold a good or service and were remunerated with coin(s). More detailed information here.


4) Exchange
Exchanging one type of coin for another. More detailed information here.


5) Mine
You've aquired coin by mining. More detailed information here.


6) Gift
Giving or reciving coin as a gift. More detailed information here.


7) Lost
If you lose some coin in some way. More detailed information here.


8) Fee
In case you have to pay some transaction fee. More detailed information here.


9) Wallet transfer

In case you have transfered some coin from one wallet to another with no net gain or loss, but the transaction has been imported. More detailed information here.