Kryptofolio+tax - the bitcoin profit, loss & tax calculation app
Kryptofolio+tax - the bitcoin profit, loss & tax calculation app 

Transaction summary

In the transaction summary screen you can see all the transaction counts for the given date range.


Tapping one of these row will take you to the details screen.


In the details we see the transactions for the selected date range.


There is a transaction type indicator  on the far left.


This indicator and the transaction value can be of several colours, they relate to how the price was derived.

1) Green - The price was looked up the same day the transaction was made this is the live price obviously the closer the lookup to the actual transaction the more accurate the valuation.


2) Purple - (blue on some platforms) this means the price is was generated by the historic lookup feature (estimated).


3) Black - The value was manually entered by the user, in all trade transactions that involved cash (fiat) changing hands this should be the prefered value as it really represents the fiat money that was used. (Note on the transaction screens when entering an override value on an AltCoin the app will try to lookup the corresponding BTC value for reference.


4) Red - The value is stale and is likely to be incorrect. This option happens when you edit the value date of a transaction, so the valuation need to run again for the new date.


5) Grey - The transaction is unclassified you so you need to select it, give it a transaction type (which will drive its tax contribution) and either auto-value or enter a new manual value.


Tapping a transaction will open it up for edit where you can change any details including the date. This will recalculate your position after the update is saved.


You can export the result to csv or xml (this can easily be imported into excel or other accounting software) and then combined with your other taxes by your accountant or tax professional.