Kryptofolio+tax - the bitcoin profit, loss & tax calculation app
Kryptofolio+tax - the bitcoin profit, loss & tax calculation app 

Logs screen

Here you can browse various logs and specify date range filters and transaction type filters.


These can subsequently be used to export transactions in both csv and xml format, in summary and raw modes.


Summary mode gives a more human readable / meaning full export.


Raw mode is intended to:-


a) backup years old data to free up space on your device, (these can then be reimported buy opening the csv file in your email client)


b) be used to export into 3rd party finance packages.


Typically you would use a tax year as your range, so you would be able to see your Pnl and tax liability for a specific period, more details below in the various log screens.


Here you can select unclassified transactions and this will list all the transactions you have not classified (usually the freshly imported ones).