Kryptofolio+tax - the bitcoin profit, loss & tax calculation app
Kryptofolio+tax - the bitcoin profit, loss & tax calculation app 

Tax calculation

IMPORTANT Kryptofolio+tax is only intended to be used as a pocket guide just to keep track of potential tax liabilities and does not replace a professionally prepared tax return by a qualified accountant.

Typically with crypto-currencies there will be lots of very small capilal gains and losses throughout the period of your usage, all subject to tax or indeed deductable from tax. It is very easy to slowly aquire large tax liability without realising. Or even to miss all the deductions (such as fees) and therefore be massively overpaying tax.


Kryptofolio+tax is a tool designed to help solve this problem (and several others) by constantly keeping score on all capital gain (among other transaction tax values) to create a percentaged based export report with breakdown, on demand for all your transactions with a specified date range.


There are also VAT (value added tax) features as well as transaction tax calculations.


Since legislation is constantly evolving and very different in different territories the tax configuration is very flexible. With Kryptofolio+tax you can configure broad tax settings and then also customise these settings to specific ones that are more suitable for your specific tax requirements.

Rather than being locked into using a specific bitcoin / crypto accounting service and possibly having to move all accounting business into one service. The alternative is to use the familiar valued accountant whom's services have been used for many years. Then simply providing them with an additional tool in the bitcoin / crypto space. It is then easy to export your crypto-transactions in raw form for a specific date range (i.e. a  tax yar) so they can be imported and then applied with all other tax requirements outside of the crypto space. Then the appropriate tax can be applied holistically with the same familar tax professional.