Kryptofolio+tax - the bitcoin profit, loss & tax calculation app
Kryptofolio+tax - the bitcoin profit, loss & tax calculation app 

Privacy policy

This version of Kryptofolio with Tax saves all transaction information only on the device.


The only off box communications are to the Exchange and Altcoin Exchange and to get the daily ECB exchange rates.


In Blockchain mode you can comminicate with to access your transactions online, you do need to specifically enable this however.


You can import and export transactions and calculations via email.


A future version will allow you to save transactions to your private cloud account held on an external cloud service provider (i.e. Dropbox) so you can share them on multiple configured devices. You will have to specifically enable this.


Due to the nature of financial data, the default will always remain private i.e. all transaction records are stored only on the device.